Thursday, 12 January 2012

The 20-year-old lipstick...

A friend recently 'fessed up to using the same lipstick for the past 20 years, not just the same shade or brand, mind, but the same ACTUAL lipstick - talk about value for money! Hygiene of course is another matter. She said she kept looking for a replacement but nothing else was quite the right shade of browny-pink. I took a swatch, searched through my beauty stash and the nearest I could find was a Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturel in Sienna Kiss - I'll let you know her verdict! In the meantime, any other 'vintage' make-up hoarders should head to Harvey Nichols London on January 19th, where to celebrate the launch of the new Stila make-up counter, there's a make-up amnesty - Stila Steal. They're giving away a free Lip Glaze in Kitten worth £15 when you trade in an old lipgloss, even if it's not a Stila one. What's the longest you've had a product in continuous use, so to speak?


  1. I didn't think any cosmetic would last 20 years after opening....sounds a bit, well...gross. However, no judgments here.

    With me it's probably bronzer. I now have four of them in various stages of use. Probably because I only use it in the Summer, even though I know I don't have to confine it one season. Which reminds me, might be a good idea to get rid of two of them.


  2. A few years ago I went on a lipstick buying spree. I used roughly 20 lipsticks about 8 times apiece, maybe 15 uses tops, before setting them completely aside almost immediately thereafter due to a move. In rediscovering my "stash" recently, only one of the lipsticks smells like a "crayon". They look fine with no signs of color, texture change or sweating. I plugged the codes on the tubes into a calculator online and most were manufactured in 2010. About a quarter of them, though, were apparently manufactured in 2005 even though I bought them no earlier than 2009. In that case, it would appear that when I found a number of Revlon and L'Oreal lipsticks on "clearance" they were already expired in the first place!

    Question: I really never had the chance to use some of these and I'd like to get some enjoyment from them before they are tossed. Is it okay to wait until the lipsticks smell or look odd before I toss them --- or is it imperative that I toss them ASAP?

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